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Highway 401 / 403 / 410 Interchange Reconstruction

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This project involves the widening of existing Hwy 401 through the City of Mississauga for over 4km,

including an extension of the collector lanes and access ramps, complete replacement of the Hurontario St interchange, and a new commuter parking lot.


Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)




Hwy. 401 and Hurontario St. Interchange



General Contracting - Bid Build

Project Overview

The expansion of existing Hwy 401 involves widening from 6 to 12 lanes to include new collector lanes and new road pavement construction for 1.5km. Additional project work includes 14km of new sewers; 2 stormwater management ponds, and associated traffic signals. The replacement of the Hurontario St interchange involves 4km of new access ramps, 17 new retaining walls (one at 7m in height), 1 new bridge structure with steel girders and a concrete deck, 4 new rigid frame bridge structures, and installation of an Automated Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), as well as illumination and traffic signals. The project also requires 95,000m³ of concrete, 102,000 tonnes of asphalt, and 862,000 tonnes of granular.

Growing through partnership

The heavy civil construction industry is currently experiencing a significant changes. Project owners and procurement agencies are tuning to alternative procurement processes with an aim to build value through increased risk transfer and added opportunities to innovate.

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