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Highway 407 East Phase 2

Extend Highway 407 as a four-lane highway about 22 kilometres

Extending from Harmony Road in Oshawa to Highway 35/115 in Clarington


Infrastructure Ontario/Ministry of Transportation Ontario




Durham Region, Ontario





Project Overview

Extend Highway 407 about 22 kilometres from Harmony Road in Oshawa to Highway 35/115 in Clarington; connect Highways 401 and 407 East with a 10-kilometre Highway 418 that will serve as a north-south freeway; provide eight new interchanges, including three freeway-to-freeway connections to Highway 407 East and Highway 401 from Highway 418 and Highway 35/115.

The Highway 407 East Phase 2 will be a toll road and owned by the Ontario government.

Growing through partnership

The heavy civil construction industry is currently experiencing a significant changes. Project owners and procurement agencies are tuning to alternative procurement processes with an aim to build value through increased risk transfer and added opportunities to innovate.

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