What do you like most about working at Dufferin Construction?

The biggest reason I am proud to work at Dufferin is because I have seen the company grow through some pretty formative years. I’ve been a part of a lot of growth strategies, and I’ve been a part of working in new and emerging departments within the organization. I am proud to be a part of building landmarks; looking around and seeing the projects that I was a part of, even as I drive around the city and around the GTA.

How important is teamwork and collaboration in your work environment?

One of the nice things about Dufferin, is having sister companies that manage the industrial processes that create our construction and building materials, and then also at Dufferin Construction we have our own asphalt plants, so there are many opportunities to collaborate to look for new technologies, to try and find innovative solutions and to make sure we maintain our equipment. Building a construction project by nature requires a significant amount of teamwork to get the job done.

Do you think Dufferin Construction does a good job at providing equal opportunities for women?

At Dufferin, there are opportunities for everyone. The responsibilities on the Finch West LRT project, as an example, lie far beyond the traditional construction roles. We have a lot of other responsibilities with respect to design and permitting, stakeholder consultation and communications. I’ve never felt left out of an opportunity because I am a woman. Dufferin does a good job at influencing and bringing women into the industry, making it comfortable, and making everyone feel welcomed. 

What about Dufferin Construction’s culture makes it a special place to work?

One thing that bodes very well for Dufferin’s future and says a lot about the corporate culture here, is the longevity of employees; the large number of people who have been with the company for a long time. Even at 20 years, I feel like a relatively junior employee in terms of years of service. When you go to our annual Years of Service awards events, you see that there are employees who have been here for a really long time! Their loyalty says a lot about the corporate culture and about the way that Dufferin treats its employees. 

Lindsay Lootsma
Prime Contract Director
Dufferin Construction

Lindsay began working with Dufferin Construction in 2002 while at the University of Ottawa as Co-op Student.  Since then, she has built her career navigating through various functional areas, creating a unique development path. She is currently seconded to the Finch West LRT Project, as Prime Contract Director with Mosaic Transit Group.

  • Prime Contract Director (Mosaic Transit Group JV – Finch West LRT)
    Sept 2020 – Present
  • Bid Manager – Partnership Ventures  
    Nov 2018 – Aug 2020
  • Project Development Team Lead – Partnership Ventures 
    Oct 2013 – Dec 2017
  • Senior Project Coordinator – Partnership Ventures 
    Aug 2010 – Oct 2013
  • Senior Project Estimator/Co-ordinator  
    Dec 2005 – Aug 2010
  • Safety Advisor 
    April 2005 – Dec 2005
  • Project Engineer 
    Jan 2003 – April 2005
  • Co-op Student
    May 2002 – Dec 2002