What advice would you have for a young professional considering a role at Dufferin Construction? 

I started with Dufferin fresh out of school. I would tell young people looking for a job to work at Dufferin Construction, because we have a great sense of community here. The vast majority of available positions are promoted from within the company and there is a tremendous availability for growth; it’s a very rewarding career. 

What value(s) does Dufferin have that stand out for you?

For me, the value that stands out the most is the sense of community and the sense of family at Dufferin. These relationships enable employees to be supported by management staff as well as the people that they work with on a day-to-day. It allows us to really fulfill our growth potential. The company has always been there to provide me with the knowledge and training required to do my job, as well as the support from a professional level and a on a personal level. At Dufferin, we feel that the company always has our back, and that support has enabled us to flourish in our role and to reach the higher roles. 

What is most innovative in the practices of Dufferin Construction?

I think in doing things differently, Dufferin is always pushing to be on the forefront. We are constantly looking at new means and methods to perform the actual work in the field. I’m proud to work here, because I believe Dufferin Construction is the innovator and the lead constructor of the major civil projects in Toronto, in Ontario and in Canada. We all want to be working for the best and I think Dufferin is the best!

Mike Macaluso
Project Superintendent
Dufferin Construction

Mike began working with Dufferin Construction in 2011 as a Construction Coordinator. Since then, he has built his career within the traditional bid-build market.

  • Project Superintendent
    May 2018 – Present
  • Assistant Superintendent
    April 2016 – May 2018
  • Senior Construction Coordinator
    June 2013 – April 2016
  • Construction Coordinator
    May 2011 – June 2013